We bring rapid out-of-the-box changes in mass-market retail to large companies all over the world.

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Our specialty is rapid changes in retail strategies. We, Hans Eysink Smeets and Karin Montagne help impatient executives of large companies to change direction. All over the world. The reason these guys prefer us over in-house staff or the large consultancies is our out-of-the-box thinking, and rapid, creative, pragmatic approach.

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What we do

We invent, repair, or revolutionize retail formats.

We are your typical niche consultancy: we do one thing, and one thing only. Our specialty is rapid changes in  and retail strategy. Our clients are in charge of large companies. Like the proverbial oil tanker it takes time to… Read more

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Who we work for

We work for impatient executives of very large companies.

We work in any sector where retail is important. Of course we in regular retail sectors. Supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores. But we bring our hard-nosed retail understanding to every other sector where retail matters as well. That’s why we… Read more

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Interviews with clients

These open and honest interview with our clients shows what we do and how we do it.

Every so often we have asked clients for an interview. Here are these interviews, which are a reflection of our career. The interviewees have the title that they had at the time of the interview. Click on each quote… Read more

Putting more and more pins on the globe. We will be putting in even more this year.

35 Countries

So far we have done projects in 35 countries on 5 continents.

We just love discovering new cultures and new habits. That’s what happens naturally through a retail project. Retail is about real, normal, day-to-day needs of normal people. Our projects force us to look at what makes consumers tick. And… Read more

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Who we are

We're a small, effective team. Strategy making doesn’t require busloads of consultants. On the contrary.

Our crew is small and dedicated. Hans Eysink Smeets and Karin Montagne offer all the benefits of a small team. We do everything together: go on the road, visit stores, look at the internet, talk to the key-person in… Read more

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Telephone Office: +31206265573 Mobile: +31 6 54 28 63 03 Email hans@eysinksmeets.com karin.montagne@eysinksmeets.com Address Singel 26 1015 AA Amsterdam The Netherlands Read more


What's new?

Here you can keep up with the latest news about us. Don’t forget to look at travel & trends too. Read more